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Suman Farms (Your Searching Dream Home)
Special pre-launching offer 10% discount on 100% Payment
Plots are available from 10000 sq.ft. onwards
A project of fully developed Farm House Plots near panshet dam, it has splendid 20 km view of Panshet Lake.

Distance .................: Panshet-25km.|| Sinhagd fort-35 km || Khadakwasla Dam-40 km
................. ............... Pune station-55km. || Velhe-30km
Rate Per Sq.Ft. ......: 299 (pre launching offer)
About Project .......: Affordable Land with Maximum Amenities
Other Charges .....: Stamp Duty as applicable
Possession ...........: Ready Possession
Finance .................: 80% Available of all National Banks
Special Offer ........: 10% discount on 100% advance payment
Highlight ...............: Road touch Property with good connectivity

Suman Farms Amenities

1) Road toch Property with good connectivity
2) Street Light and electricity
3) Tree plantaion
4) Ganesh Temple
5) Internal Road
6) 24 Hour Water Supply
7) Vastu compliance
8) Green atmosphere project
9) Swimming pool
10) Restaurant


Floor Plan